Web3 Marketplace Protocol

Bounce powers an ecosystem encompassing all types of marketplace, ranging from direct purchase and sales, managing contracts for bespoke work, all the way through to decentralized auctions.

Bounce Metaverse
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Bounce Finance
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Binance Smart Chain

Bounce products are available across multiple blockchains for more play, more possibility, more potential.

Full scaleparticipation

An evolving ecosystem of products that allows all kinds of people to participate in decentralized auctions.

Build your own auction platform
Run projects through crowdloans or trade in scarce digital assets
Have a share in the creator economy
It’s all on the table.
Bounce Metaverse

Bounce Metaverse

In an effort to onboard more users into the Bounce ecosystem, we have worked to develop Bounce’s “Metaverse City”. In our eyes, Bounce’s Metaverse will be the centerpiece of our future, a virtual homebase that will bridge each of our products together for a seamless, immersive experience.

Metaverse City

Having the entire Bounce ecosystem housed within one virtual world gives our users the opportunity to explore all the tools Bounce has to offer with the best user experience. When this “merge” (if you will) is complete, we will have built the first “full suite” of interconnected Web3 projects providing utility for all different users in the crypto space. Some features of Metaverse City include: “Workshops”, “Playground”, “Gallery”, “Games”and a “Mall”.
Bounce Finance

Unlock the potential of open finance

Trade scarce digital assets in a competitive swap environment on our versatile, decentralized and trustless auction platform.

Choose from an array of auction types, including: Fixed swap, Sealed-bid, Dutch and English auction.
Trade OTC publicly or privately.
Benefit from automatic execution, contingency, permission-less.
Run with on-chain governance.

Matching digital freelance supply and demand

We believe that, in addition to traditional forms of linking NFTs such as traditional paintings and electronic posters, any customized, non-standard delivery, and electronically delivered works can be linked to the world of NFTs. Using NFTs as delivery credentials and the immutable record function of the blockchain decentralized network, the author, buyer, transaction time, and work URL will be permanently traced and recorded.


NFT Marketplace. The biggest stars. Their rarest work. Directly accessible to fans.

A new kind of fan experience, Fangible makes it easy to step in and own a share of the creator economy. It connects artists to their fans and lets anyone join the NFT conversation.

Celebrities with Bounce:

Eimi Fukada
Eimi Fukada is a Japanese Adult Video actress since 2017. In 2020, she was the third ranked AV actress by sales.
Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.
Nick Young
Nick "Swaggy P" Young is a former professional basketball player of the NBA from Los Angeles, California.
Skyy Clark
Skyy Clark is a 5-star High School basketball player from Los Angeles, CA.
DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre "Nuk" Hopkins is an American football wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL.
Devon Dotson
Devon Dotson is a 21 year old professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the NBA.
Bounce DAO Toolbox
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Everything you need to build to build your own decentralized auction platform.

An extensive set of developer tools that make harnessing the power of decentralized auctions easier than it’s ever been. UI kits, API access to Bounce NFTs, open source smart contracts. Everything you need to bring DeFi to the masses.


Binance Exchange

As one of the first projects to enter the Binance ecosystem, Bounce became the cornerstone of the Binance ecosystem, including furthering its role as a mentor for BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder program.

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